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Car of the Month - December, 2006
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1987 Chevy K20 Pulling Truck - owned by Brian Lunderby

1987 Chevy K20 Pulling Truck - owned by Brian Lunderby

Car of the Month for December is Brian Lunderbyís Pulling truck ďObsessedĒ. Brian, of Hutchinson, MN has been involved with Pulling trucks since 1997. He is 32 years old and has 4 children to show for his 7 years of marriage. Brian has worked as an Automotive Technician now for 12 years.

The Truck that he now competes with is a 1987 Chevy K20 that he built from the bare frame up. Last winter Brian converted the body to hydraulic lift and moved the drivers position to the center of the cab. The truck has a 523 CID BBC that produced about 930hp using Dart 360 heads and a single carb on gas.

The drive line consists of a Dana 60 front axle with a Detroit Locker and a F106 rear with 6.20 gears. The transfer case is a Profab dropbox. 35 inch street tires are what he usually runs depending on class rules and the track. Other times he uses 34 inch Cepeck bar tires.

For 2007 the 523 is to be upgraded with a Merlin block, Callies crank and Oliver rods. The heads were to be Dart big chiefs but after consulting with our favorite head porter, Curtis Boggs of Racing Flow Development in Lorton, Va. this has been revised to a fully CNCíd set of Brodix Big Dukes, which will be used with either a Brodix manifold or a CFE sheet metal version complete with a 1250 Gas dominator running on 114 octane race gas. Brian hopes this new combination will produce about 1100-1150 hp.

Some of Brianís accomplishments are:

  • 1st in points at 5800&6500lbs ST-Modified, 1st at 5800lbs open & 2nd 6500lbs open in 2004 for the Heartland Truck Pullers.
  • 1st 6200lbs Super Stock 4x4, 2nd in 6200lbs 4x4 Modified in 2005&2006 for the Red River Valley Truck Pullers.
  • National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) he finished in 4th place state wide in Super Stock 4x4 for 2006 season.
  • In NTPA Region 5 he finished 3rd in points in 2006.
  • And Brianís favorite accomplishment has been at the Benton County Fair in St. Cloud, Mn where in the last 4 years he has finished first in 15 out of the 16 times he entered there.

So as you can see, Brian has amassed quite a portfolio in the last 9 years. Iím sure weíll hear more of Brianís exploits in the Forum. And we wish him well with his Endeavourís.

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1987 Chevy K20 Pulling Truck - owned by Brian Lunderby


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