S&W Kit Dragster

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S&W Kit Dragster

Postby Blue Steele » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:51 pm


I finally got my dragster together this week. We took mine and my buddy's RaceTech to Test & Tune Wed. night. I made a 60 ft. pass and two full passes. Carb needed a little work so we loaded up and came home. The engine is a 522 BBC with Dart 360 heads.

Saturday was the first points race @ Dunn-Benson, NC so we loaded both cars up and made the trip 60 miles north on I-95.
I made two T&T passes. The car went 1.178,3.28,[email protected] mph. on the best pass.
I felt like I need more T&T time to get comfortable in the car. I let my buddy, Tim Thomas, drive my car in the finals. He made a T&T pass and the car went 1.134, 3.248, 5.046 @ 136.61 mph. So he was double entered in the event.

First pass we drew Donnie "Hollywood" Urban. He went -.0184 red. We dialed 5.03 and went 1.114, 3.2138, 5.001 @ 137.36 mph. Round 2 we dialed 4.99. The car shook the tires hard and went 1.132, 3.251, 5.052 @ 136.28. We bought back for round 3. We dialed 5.01 car went 1.128, 3.239, 5.038, @ 136.49 mph, a win. Round 4, we dialed a 5.03, the car went 1.115, 3.225, 5.045, hard on the brakes @ 127.55, a win. Round 5, we dialed a 5.03, car went 1.126, 3.243, 5.052 @ 133.37 on the brakes, a win. Round 6, We dialed 5.04, the car went 1.120, 3.229, 5.053 @ 129.27 mph on the brakes, a win. Round 7, we dialed a 5.03, car went 1.121, 3.231, 5.041 @ 132.16, on the brakes for another win. Round 8, down to 3 cars, We dialed 5.03, the car went 1.12, 3.23, 5.042. lost the last ticket some how, we lost with an .010 light.

I am pleased with the car. I need many T&T sessions before I will be comfortable in the dragster. I have a good buddy in Tim Thomas who will help me learn to drive better.

John "Maverick" Cowan a.k.a Blue Steele
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Re: S&W Kit Dragster

Postby WR169 » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:57 pm

Great Job John \:D/\:D/\:D/\:D/\:D/\:D/what a good way to start the season and see all of your hard work do so well. Congrats. =D>=D>=D>

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Re: S&W Kit Dragster

Postby gearhead1011 » Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:59 pm

Good job John, on both building the car and a great 1st race.
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