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Car of the Month - March, 2007
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79 Malibu Wagon - Owned by Jacob Weigl

79 Malibu Wagon - Owned by Jacob Weigl

Car of the Month for March is Jacob Weigl’s 79 Malibu Wagon. Known on’s forum as “WR169”, both Jacob and his father Steve post under this same username.

The pair of them built the car from scratch as a family project. The roller body was bought for $600 including fresh paint.

Power is by way of a 383 SBC which, was built from nothing. They even had to go out and buy all the bolts required. Machine work was carried out by Terry at East View Auto Parts in Louisville, Ky. Bottom end is an Eagle balanced rotating assembly and Keith Black Hypereutectic flat top pistons. A Comp Cams Extreme Energy hydraulic flat tappet cam with 294 / 306 advertised duration and 0.519 / 0.523 lift. World Sportsman II Heads are used with 2.02/1.6 valves. The heads flow about 200CFM and have 64cc chambers. A Team G intake with a Holley 800cfm double pumper carb tops out the top end. Ignition is a MSD 6AL unit with a billet distributor. Headers are 1 3/4 primary’s with 3 ½ inch Bullet mufflers which are required for the OSCA 7.50 class.

Transmission is a manual shift Brad Goodman Turbo 350 with a Bradco engineering 5000 stall converter.

The rear axle is a Moser 12 bolt with a full spool with a 4.56 gear and 33 spline axels all supplied by Randy Gore Racing. Hoosier 28 / 11.5 / 15 inch slicks mounted on 15/10 inch weld wheels put the power to the track. The rear end is suspended on stock springs with air bags and competition engineering adjustable shocks valved 70/30, while the front end is on Moroso Trick springs and more competition engineering shocks valved 90/10.

A Kenny Grimes racing 6 point cage keeps them safe with the all up weight at 3030 lbs.

Best times to date are 7.356 @ 92.002 mph in the 1/8 mile with a 1.534 60 foot time at US 60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, Ky and in the ¼ the best is 11.941 @ 109.23 with a 1.61 60 foot, at Bowling Green in Ky.

Jacob is the main driver but Steve gets to play now and then and like most racers, they have made many friends during the building and racing of the wagon, including Jody Smith, MSV’s most successful driver last year. They placed 3rd behind Jody in 2006.

The team has had several wins and we’re sure that more will come in the future. The car has also been chosen as car of the month on Malibu racing forum.

Nice clean Malibu wagon and we wish them many more wins in the future.

79 Malibu Wagon - Owned by Jacob Weigl


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