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Car of the Month - February, 2007
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79 Z28 Camaro - Owned by James Topp

79 Z28 Camaro - Owned by James Topp

This months COTM belongs to James Topp from Michigan. James is a customer service rep for a local bank (so we know who to go to for a low rate loan). Heís married to Anne and has 3 children, Erin (6), Emily (4) and Zack (2) so he has his hands full with those as well as keeping his 79 Z28 Camaro neat and tidy.

The Z28 has been owned by James since he was at high school, he even met Anne while out on a cruise night, I suspect this car has lots of good memories for James and Anne.

Its fitted with a 496 ci BBC based on a 454 block with a 4.25 Eagle stroker crank and rods, the short block came ready assembled from The Stroker Engine Company (John Nielson from New Zealand) Very helpful people James says. The block is fitted with Dart Pro 1 heads (325cc inlet ports), uses hooker headers for the exhaust, topped off by a Weiand team G Manifold, carburetion is taken care of with a stock 850 cfm Holley which has been reworked to flow 930cfm. In this trim the car runs 10.35 when given a 250 shot of Nos through the NOS plate system it can go 9.85, with a 300 shot he has got it down to 9.55. These times all achieved in 2006.

Transmission is a TH350, with a reverse manual valve body and trans brake, in front is Coan 3800 stall convertor.

All up weight is 3600 lbs so the performance is pretty good. The car is fitted with an 8 point cage.

Future plans for the car are to redo the interior, do a full tub job on the rear and to fit a full chassis underneath, a fair bet that James will keep the car a few more years yet then? He does not get much spare time to allow much racing as he takes the time to spend with the children who keep him busy one way and another. Emily has a fascination with the car so in a few years we could see a junior dragster join the team ?

Using his own words ďitís not a show pieceĒ my opinion on that is that race cars seldom are as they have to work to earn their keep. This car has history for Anne and James, represents a bit of youth and long may they have it.

Nice car James, donít rush all that work, sounds like you have a fair balance with it and other commitments and youíve got years yet to get where you want to be with it.


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