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Car of the Month - September, 2006
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1986 Chevy S10 - owned by Jody Smith

1986 Chevy S10 - owned by Jody Smith

Car of the Month for September is Jody Smith's 1986 Chevy S10 pick up truck.

At 27 Jody describes himself in needing a little more experience, this despite the fact that he was 3rd in the local championship 3 years ago and is leading this years championship by 45 points.

Jody bought this truck three years ago for $2500. It had a 355ci small block in it and at that time it ran in the 7.50ís. Changes to shock absorbers and wheels reduced that to 7.30ís. Further changes to the rear suspension reduced the times to very low sevens (7.08). At this point Jody managed to crack the engine block so he started building the current 379ci engine he races with now. His first pass with the new engine was a disappointing 7.04. It was then he found out that backing off the timing picked it up to a 6.96 and he also realised that a timing light was a necessary addition to his tool box. He had planned for this engine to run 6.90ís in the heat, the timing light worked as he soon had it running 6.80ís in the heat.

Current specs for the engine are 379ci displacement based on a 400 block which is bored 0.030 over, zero decked with the pistons 0.003 down, and the block has also been line bored. Itís fitted with a Scat cast steel crank and Eagle 6 inch 5140 steel rods with Wiseco 8cc domed pistons. The bottom end was fully balanced by Knieriem Racing Engines of Louisville Ky. Heads are Trick Flow with 195 cc port runners fitted with 2.02 inlet and 1.60 exhaust valves. Combustion chamber volume is 61cc which gives Jody 13.48:1 compression ration with his pistons. Harland Sharp 1.5:1 roller rockers activate the valves. Exhaust is taken care of with Hedman Hustler fenderwell headers that are 1.75 inch primary pipe diameter, fitted with 3 inch diameter collectors. The fuel system comprises of a Super Victor manifold (supplied by Tray) and a Holley 830 which is jetted 80ís all round and no power valves.

Drive train consists of a Powerglide fitted with a 1.82:1 low gear and a BTE transbrake driven by an Edge 9.5 inch Racing converter that stalls at 5000rpm into a 8.5 inch 10 bolt Chevy rear end. Inside that 10bolt are Strange Engineering 33 spline axles fitted along with a 4.88:1 gear on a spool. The rear end is supported by a Art Morrison competition Ladder bar set up with coil over shock units.

Total weight for the truck comes in at 2720lbs complete with Jody in it. Best performances with this combination have been 6.522 @ 104 on the motor only (1.38, 60 foot). With a 100 hp shot of Nitrous it has run 5.99 @ 108 (1.30, 60 foot). Heís certainly achieved the 6.9ís in the heat!

Jodyís Girlfriend also drives the truck in the Powder-Puff races most Saturday nights and does very well with it also.

Jody is based in Tell City and races at US 60 Raceway ( most Saturday nights. He has been racing now regularly for about 4 years but his interest in cars goes back to when he was a young 16 year old learning from his uncle. Beside a couple of hopped up street cars Jody started racing with a 1987 S10 that was basically stock and ran low 8ís (best ever of 7.92).

Jody intends to keep on modifying the truck and future plans are to get Curtis Boggs to port the heads fit a big roller cam and to tuck the rear wheels under the body and increase the size of them. Heís certainly enjoying what heís doing.

Iím sure it goes without saying that all the members of MSV wish him good luck with the championship that heís leading. He is currently MSVís leading race winner in 2006 with 9 total wins in 4 different divisions at US 60 Raceway.


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