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Car of the Month - May, 2007
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McDaniel Motorsports

'55 Chevy & Spitzer Dragster - Owned by Kenny and Beth McDaniel

Car of the Month for May belongs to Kenny McDaniel, or should I say the cars of the month from the McDaniel family.

Kenny gave up driving after a heart attack a few years back and sold all his race equipment. As is usually the case, he couldnít stay away for long so he finally built a car for his wife, Beth to drive. Her current car is a 2004 235inch Spitzer dragster is powered by a 509 BBC fitted with a Team G manifold and a 1050 Dominator Carb. A Powerglide transmission handles the power for the mid 5 second runs. Prior to the Spitzer she had a 1990 210inch Jacobson chassis and she also drove Kennyís 55 Chevy chop top. Beth is currently running low 5.50ís in the Spitzer and is right on the button on the tree. Most of the locals would prefer not to meet her in the early rounds.

Kenny is crew chief on the family cars and between them they have been S.P champions 3 times, 2001, 2003 and 2005 at their home track US36 Raceway in Osborn Missouri. Last year they did a bit of traveling to other tracks so they were pretty much out of the running for the Points Championship but she is in 2nd place at US36 so far this year.

Beth is more commonly known as the Drag On Lady after Shirley Shahan. Kenny and Beth both enjoy the racing and Kenny admits he didnít realize how much he would enjoy crewing rather than driving. The racing is a family affair as his kids Angela and Kenny Jr both drive as well. Angela is driving the 55 this year and they are busy preparing an altered for Kenny Jr to drive. Sounds like someone will need a stacker trailer for this bunch.

Even the grandkids get in on the act as Kenny says he would like a junior dragster for 8 year old Jason and his 3 year old brother is sure to want to join in as well.

Kennyís past endeavors have included everything from a straight 6 dragster right up to a blown big block so he has plenty of experience. Most of it home built and self tuned.

With the whole family racing and having fun, you canít get a much better combination than that!! All of us at MSV look forward to seeing these cars on our weekly winners section soon.

55 Chevy - McDaniel Motorsports

Spitzer Dragster - McDaniel Motorsports


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