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Car of the Month - October, 2006
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Altered - owned by Sam Freeman

Altered - owned by Sam Freeman

Car of the Month for October is Sam Freeman’s Altered.

Back in early 2005 a friend of Sam’s rekindled his interest in drag racing after a 25 year break. A bit of searching on the internet saw Sam and his partner Lindsey make the trip to Florida to buy the car.

A brief spec of it follows
125 inch wheelbase full chrome moly chassis built by Foy Gilmore of Pensacola in 2004, recently re-certed down to 6.0 or slower. Solid front end and 4 link and sliding A frame rear suspension with anti roll bar and coil over dampers.

Narrowed Ford 9 inch rear axle with Strange Engineering 40 spline shafts and spool, Chevy ventilated disc brakes. Full Dedenbear cased 1.76 Powerglide, with a 8 plate front clutch, manual valve body and trans brake, roller rear support, BTE race pump, 2 ring servo piston with a PTC 8 inch converter.

Engine is a 4.375 bore BBC that is filled to the water pump holes, 4.25 inch stoke Eagle crank and rods and J&E 13.5 : 1 pistons which gives it a capacity of 511 ci.. Comp Cams camshaft and Roller lifters. A Melling oil pump supplies the lubrication in the Moroso oil pan. A TCI rattler harmonic balancer is used. Heads have been upgraded to Brodix -3Xtra Oval ports with 2.3 inch inlet and 1.9 exhaust valves, T & D shaft rockers operate the valves. All fed by a Holley Black electric fuel pump the 950 cfm Holley 4150 series carb on a Holley Strip Dominator manifold ( this has been swapped for a Profiler Sniper manifold and a 1050 alky Dominator carb in the last week). Ignition is taken care of using a MSD 7al 3 and a Pro Billet distributor with 8mm leads and a Pro power coil. A CSR electric water pump circulates the coolant through a Ron Davies radiator which has the 10” by 15” TCI trans cooler built into the electric fan shroud. All topped of with a Harwood tall air scoop.

Body work consists of a Hairy Glass 23 T main body, Fibreglass nose and aluminium panels which gives it a totally enclosed body, a Pair of canard wings at the front and a high mounted rear wing help to keep it all stable at speed (not mentioning the 80 inch single wheel wheelie bar that has seen extensive use in the last 18 months.

Sam ran the car 2 days after it arrived from the USA. The first run after a quick shakedown pass was a 9.7 @ 116. within a couple of meetings the car was running consistent 8.5’s @ 150. the best run in 2005 was a 8.45 @ 154.5 mph on iron heads, a couple of 1.13 60 foot times were achieved.

With the Brodix heads fitted this year the car immediately ran a 8.202 @ 161, and with the added breathing capacity of the new carb and manifold set up we are hoping to drop it into the 7’s (but that will probably be next year as they are out of track time over there in the UK).

Modifications to be done over the winter are to build an all aluminium 540, fit some front brakes, and reduce weight wherever possible.

As a footnote from Sam, “I would like to thank quite a few people who are part of this forum because without their help this may never have happened. Both Ken and Duane deserve a special mention, they have gone the extra mile (in Duane’s case make that several 100’s of miles) Rick, Mel and Curtis have advised me well both on the forum and by email. Finally thanks to all the other members who have made me so welcome. The final Big Thanks are to my ever suffering partner Lindsey with out whom none of this would probably have happened.”


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