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Car of the Month - January, 2008
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1979 Chevy Malibu owned by Todd Geisler

1979 Chevy Malibu owned by Todd Geisler

Car of the month this month is this sharp 1979 Chevy Malibu owned by Todd Geisler, aka, 10secbu here on

Todd’s Malibu is all steel except for the front bumper and hood, which are fiberglass. 1992 Saturn Aquamarine poly base clear paint covers the outside. Todd says he started building the car in 1992 and most of the work was done by him in his small shop. Body, paint, transmission and engine machine work were farmed out. It took a total of 3 cars to build one as each had good and bad points. The Malibu was a ground up, body off restoration. The Malibu has a 10 point cage and a full interior minus the rear seat. The rear frame rails were notched 1" deep and the rear inner wheel wells mini-tubbed. The rear wheel openings arches were stretched 1" on the front side to allow a 30" tall tire to clear and not rub. Wolfe Racecraft double adjustable LCA's, Wolfe single anti-roll bar, Wolfe spherical housing bushings along with an owner designed and built upper control arms and instant center relocation device help hook the car to the track. QA1 double adjustable Stocker Star shocks and sometimes S&W 54" wheelie bars complete the rear suspension.

Under all that work sits a 12 bolt rear with a 4:33 Pro gear on a spool held in place with a pair of billet caps and an LPW girdle cover. MW 35 spline axles and Strange Engineering Pro Race brakes finish out the rear end.

Front suspension is basically stock “A” arm with parts and pieces from different aftermarket manufacturers. Front brakes are also from Strange Engineering.

Front wheels & tires are M/T ET Drag wheels with 26 x 4.5 ET Drag tires. Rear wheels & tires are either 15 x 9.5" Centerline Convo Pro wheels with 325/50-15 Hoosier DOT D/R tires or 15 x 10 Weld Alumastar 2.0's with 10.5 x 28 Hoosier stiff sidewall slicks, depending on where he races.

Todd’s Malibu gets power from a .030 over 454 BBC. The 461 CID engine sports a GM steel crank and 6.565 long H beam Eagle Rods w/ARP 2000 bolts. A billet roller cam with 269/276 @ .050, 300/310 gross, .738/.710 lift, 110 lsa, installed at 108 moves the Jesel Sportsman shaft rockers and pushrods. Pistons are J&E w/50cc domes and Speed Pro Plasma Moly rings. CFE/BMF 310cc heads, Edelbrock Vic jr intake, 1" Wilson tapered carb spacer, Pro Systems 1000HP 4150 Holley finish out the top end.

GM Turbo 400 trans with ATI reverse manual valve body sits behind the 6000 rpm flash 8" ATI Treemaster converter.

Todd uses an RPM Performance data logger, which records engine & driveshaft RPM as well as battery voltage. He also has a WEGO II wide band O2 sensor from Daytona Sensors tied into the RPM Performance logger.

Todd’s 3400 lb wet Malibu has run a best of 9.47 @ 140 MPH with a 1.289 short time off the foot brake. Shift is made at 7500 RPM and it traps at 7650 RPM.

Todd says “I’ve has raced the car since around 1995 or so and have primarily run the car in the DOT 10.0 index class with the Maryland Street Racing Association (MSRA for short). In 2005 I tried something new which was a brand new class formed by Rich Maitre of RAM Racing. The class I ran was the N/A Drag Radial class. This class was a true heads up naturally aspirated deal for stock suspension cars on a 275/60 drag radial tire. I had a pretty good season winning two events and runner up at the last two (out of 4 races total) and won the points championship. The following 2006 season I stepped away from D/R knowing my combination was no longer competitive Et wise and it was beyond my means to step up and stay competitive.” Todd says that he will still continue to race with MSRA but he has changed to the PSI class, which is a 9.50 index. He will also run several races with RAM Racing in their second season with the All motor Index class, which is also a 9.50 index.

But for now, Todd has the 461 down for a freshen up and is resolving some issues found during tear down. He’s looking forward to another successful year in 2008.

We’re sure that Todd and his Malibu will do well again this season as he has in the past. We wish him luck!

1979 Chevy Malibu

1979 Chevy Malibu

1979 Chevy Malibu

1979 Chevy Malibu


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