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Ride of the Month - January, 2007
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Garvey Race Boat - owned by Tony Yagiello

Garvey Race Boat - owned by Tony Yagiello

Ride of the Month is Tony Yagiello’s Garvey Race Boat. Tony first got involved in Garvey racing in 1989 when he was a crew member for the Chadwick racing team, where he also used to build the engines for them.

In 2004 Tony formed Extreme Racing, His boat is a 17foot 8inch Fricke built Glass over marine plywood hull, it weighs 1760 lbs complete with fuel.

His original engine was a 283 small block Chevy to run in the 2 barrel class, which they also ran in 2005. For 2006 they stepped up to the 315/ 4 barrel class, the current engine is a 307, 30 over fitted with a GM 327 steel crank, Manley sportsman steel rods and Wiesco forged pistons, Rings are by Total Seal, CV pushrods operate the Manley Valves in the 305 cylinder heads. Induction is taken care of with an Edlebrock super victor manifold and stock Holley 650 carb. Ignition is by way of a GM HEI distributor.

A Menkins tool steel propeller that has been coated by Jet hot pushes it all through the water, The boat has Hydraulic steering and a foot operated Glenwood override* plate.

* Override plate (Cavitation Plate) = A spoiler fitted to the transom that by its use can push the bow down into the water to allow faster turns.

Tony's son Tony Jr drove the boat in 2006 co piloted by Cory Chadwick where they finished 2nd in the championship, pretty good considering they had 5 DNF's from flipping the boat twice. This is a family sport with Tony's wife Diane and his other children Mike (16) and Samantha (13) along with the Chadwick family who are into the 3rd generation (Corey) involved in Garvey Racing.

Garvey Racing originated in the 1950s when the Clammers of Barnegat Bay NJ used to grudge race their fishing boats (Garvey) to see who had the fastest in an annual contest. No one could afford to blow the boat up though as that would be the end of their earning potential. The Prize for being the fastest….. "Bragging Rights" (possibly the most prized thing you can give a racer). As with most things improvements in the economy picked up to the stage now where racing a Garvey does not involve risking the family income for a few months.

There are 6 classes to run in and 10 meetings a year, one of which will be at a different town.

More information can be found here: I recommend that you take a look and learn a bit about yet another motorized sport.

Good luck to Extreme Racing in 2007!


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