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Weekly Race Winners - 2012

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** August 11, 2012

Saturday night, August 11, 2012. Steve and Jacob Weigl got their first win at Ohio Valley Dragway in West Point, Ky! It's been a long time coming for these guys as they've been racing their butts off now for a while. I'll let Steve's narrative explain the details.

"We had 2 time runs Saturday night and the air was great, 87 degrees and low humidity great for a change. So Jake ran 6.8888 on the first run with the tune from our last run at Bowling green. I bumped the air bleeds from 36 to 34 and it ran 6.9140 on the second run.

So first round I went the other direction and put 38's in and Dialed a 6.87, Jake had a .0578 RT and ran 6.8641 @100.20. He lost to the other guys .0000 RT!!!! So he bought back in, dialed 6.86 and he had a .1378 RT to the other red .1102 and ran 6.8571 @ 100.03.

Third round we dodged a bullet. Dialed 6.85 then Jake had a .1789 RT to a .1171. The other guy ran off his dial and Jake ran 6.8811 @ 98.69. I bumped the bleeds to a 36.

4th round I dialed a 6.85, Jake had a .0239 RT to a .0780 and ran 6.8551 @98.26 pedaling. Jake said the car was awesome with a best 60' of 1.5189, which had been 1.53's.

So 5th round I dialed 6.83. Jake had .0050 RT to a .0891 and it ran 6.8760 @ 100.03 flat out MOV was .0080. I had to scratch my head on that one.

We were in round robin so in the 6th round we dialed 6.86. Jake had a .0069 RT to a -.0122 and ran it out to a 6.8691 @ 99.98.

The final!! We split the money. Neither driver has ever won at the valley. We dialed 6.86 to their 6.81, both Malibu's. The other guy had lane choice due to ET so we got put in the right lane. All night it was left lane. The other guy had a .0508 RT to Jake's .0000 RT and and he ran 6.9220 @ 98.45 pedaling.

It was a awesome night. It has been since July 2009 since Jake the Wagon has been in the winners circle. Next race is NMCA Milan Mi. I hope it carries over."

Congratulations to Jake and Steve, another winning team here on!

**Weekly Winner** June 22, 2012

Friday night June 22, 2012. Bob J, (aka Scoop on MSV) won the race at QuarterAces Dragway in Boiling Springs Pa. driving his SBC powered dragster. It was a GM only race and was held along with the GM fleamarket in Carlisle PA this weekend. There weren't alot of cars at the race so Bob only had to go only 3 rounds, but hey, a win is a win!

Bob says that "It was all the car as during eliminations it ran three 4.98's in a row." Reaction times were in the safe zone @ .015-.028 as he didn't want to red light!

It's been a long time coming for Scoop as he's been working on that car far more in the past than he's been racing it. Looks like it's starting to pay off for him.

Congratulations to Scoop, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** June 2, 2012

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 Chuck Woloch (aka, gearhead1011 on MSV) finally "pulled one off" as he put it at the 2nd UMTR event at Mountain Park Dragway in Clay City, KY. I'll let Chuck's narrative of the event speak for itself.

"1st time run it went 8.18 @ 164.79, 2nd went 8.14 @ 164.69 after jetting it up some. 3rd time run it went 8.19 @163.74 out of the other lane. 1st round I dialed 8.13 and put a .018 light on the other guy's .085 then ran a 8.19 to his 9.86 on a 9.84 dial. 2nd round I left the 8.13 dial to my opponents 10.55. I saw his red light so I ran it out to a 8.15. Next round we dialed it up to 8.14 and got another easy round when he went .012 red. For the final I left the 8.14 dial to my opponents 9.08. He had me on the tree with a .026 to my .060. I have a tendency to go red in the later rounds so I know I had backed off the tree. I caught him near the stripe and lifted to a 8.15 win over his 9.17. He told me afterward he had lifted, something I would never do with a car nearly a second quicker than me."

Chuck says that they didn't run the final round until 1:30am and he didn't get home until after 4am, which made for a long day. I'm pretty sure it was worth it though, don't you!!

Congratulations to Chuck Woloch on his first win with his new engine combo and I'm sure there will be others to come. gearhead1011, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 25th & May 26th

Friday May 25th and Saturday the 26th, 2012. A weekend that AJ Casini (ajcasini here on MSV) will never forget as he won TWO races back to back at Pittsburgh Raceway Park in New Alexandria, Pa. in two days! The following is AJ's write up on this with just a few edits for clarity.

"It was one of the hottest Memorial Day weekends in recent memory. The action on the track was awesome. I wrapped up the win on Friday night with the car running its 6th consecutive 10.41. The car was on a string and the driver wasn't too shabby either. I packaged the runs with lights ranging from .016 to .045. It felt great to get back in the winners circle.

Little did I know at the time that Saturday would bring more fun. I pulled up for round 1 dialed the same 10.41 as the night before and I pulled out an .024 dead on run. Now I'm feeling like I am good to go for the show. With the dial set at 10.41 for the next 3 rounds we roll up for round 5 and I pulled it down to 10.40. Ran a buddy of mine and went .024 and 2 over on the brakes. Would have run a 10.398. So my light gives me the bye to the final for the second consecutive day. I go down and brake the beams. Feeling great about my performance thus far I wanted the double up. So I pull in the water for the final with the trusty 10.40 on the window. I left and knew I was late, had an .041. I am pulling on my opponent quick though so my first thought is I'm going under so I tighten it up as much as I can .0012 stripe for the second W in 2 days. My opponent was .090 and 3 under the number.

It was an unbelievable moment as my win light came on. My sponsor and one of my best friends, Bob George was at the track along with my wife, Brianna and daughter Addison (8 months old on the 5th).

The corn was burning up the track. The last 3 winners in the modified class have been corn burning power plants built and tuned by me. Last week was my buddy Mark Romeo in his 70 nova (he will be joining the site this week) and then my double up.

It's a great feeling. I have been close to doing this in the same weekend but never pulled it out. It is a moment I won't soon forget."

Congratulations to AJ Casini on his two wins in two days running E85 gas(or as he puts it, corn).

**Weekly Winner** May 26, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012 Jody Smith (us7race on MSV) is back in the winners circle again only this one is his SECOND win in two weeks! He didn't notify me of the one last week! Once again his wins came at US60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, KY, his home track.

Jody says that he put 180lbs of weight in the back of the truck to make it "work better" and that did help a lot.

First time run was a 6.27 with an .014 light. Second pass he says that he removed the weight and went 6.25 with a bunch of tire spin. So third time run the weight went back in and he was .003 and 6.29. A fourth time run was a 6.30 with an .0008 so he paid the $5 and put a 6.29 on the window to run the gamblers race. He went .006 on the tree and ran it out the back door and broke out running 6.267 on the .29.

So in the regular race Jody says "for 1st round I dialed it a 6.25 I backed off the tree a little to a .049 light because I had to run my friend in his new challenger he cut a .015 light and I was trying to run him down and he broke out." Jody ran a 6.27 in that round but got lucky as he broke out the least and went to second round. In Second round he had to run the former points champ so he dialed a .26 with a plan to run it out the back door. The track champ went .011 red while Jody went .042 on the tree and the truck went 6.26 dead on for the win.

Next round Jody kept the 6.26 dial, went .028 on the tree to a loosing .018 while he ran it out the back door running a 6.271. Other guy broke out trying to stay ahead running a 6.781 on a 6.79 dial.

Next round Jody got the bye, went .032 on the tree running 6.30 and spinning pretty bad.

Next round he left the 6.26 on the window, went .018 on the tree and pedeled it for the win running a 6.33. In the final he dialed up to 6.30, went .006 on the tree and pedled it running 6.33 for the win.

Jody says "Had a good time racing and spending time with friends. This puts me in the points lead by 25 points. Come to find out it was a double points night!"

Congrats to us7race, aka, Jody Smith for two wins in a row. Another regular winner here on!