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Weekly Race Winners - 2006

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** October 21

Well folks, we have another winner. Wesley Fowler (wfowler) had a win last Saturday at Wichita Raceway Park, Wichita Falls, Tx. Seems he entered twice so he got to run twice each round. There were about 20 cars there and in the semi-final he had to run himself, which automatically put him in the final. He didn’t do any test and tune with what he was racing and managed to get to the semi-final twice. In the final he ran a 10.54 on a 10.54 for the win.

Now here is the real kicker on this. He was racing his WIFE’S 2005 Taho! Yeah, that’s right! Gives new meaning to Mel’s reference to his car as “The Family Sedan” doesn’t it? Now that is truly what I would call a “Family Sedan” for sure. Sorry Mel, but you’re going to have to come up with another name for your Chevelle now that Wesley has won with the Taho!

Congrats to Wesley Fowler! Another winner here at!

**Points Champion** 2006

Congratulations go out to Jody Smith (us7race), the 2006 Points Champion for the Saturday Night Cars at US60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, KY.

Way to go Jody!!

**Weekly Winner** September 16

Well folks, our second winner from last Saturday is Corey Hampshire (Buffjhsn). Corey waded thru the field at Marion County International Raceway in La Rue, Ohio running a string of 9.15s and 9.16s on his way to the victory.

Corey says “first pass outta the trailer, I knew it was gonna be a good day as the car went a 9.157 right off the bat.” Second time run the car went a 9.162. Third pass the car slowed up a touch and went a 9.17. Still not bad compared to what it has been running.

So round one rolls around and Corey put a 9.16 on it. Says Corey, “I had to race a girl that beat me a couple weeks ago by .0001 at the stripe and I broke out running her down Saturday.” Corey went 9.158 on a 16 and he figured .527 reaction time did him in. He went back to the trailer and said "what the hell, the years almost over and I ain't got nothing to lose." So he bought back in.

Second round he dialed it a 9.14 and it went a .15 and he had the guy by .05 on the tree. This round win was really sweet as the guy he ran tried to play games on the starting line, which didn’t work!

Third round he had to race a friend. Corey went 9.16 on a .15 on the brakes and .505 on the tree to his friend went 9.56 on a .58 and was .510 on the tree. Corey says that one was really close!

In the final they split the purse. Corey dialed a 9.15 again in the final, ran 9.152 and went .504 on the tree as the looser went 9.96 on a 9.95 and was .513 on the tree.

Corey says it wasn’t a full purse as the fall series doesn’t pay as well as during the summer but hey, a win is a win!

Congratulations to Corey Hampshire, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** September 16

Well folks, its Jody again! After having engine problems in the past couple of weeks he’s back to kicking butt again at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY! Saturday night, Jody Smith (us7race) won both the truck race and the points race and is leading by about 50 points going into the last points race next weekend. Although the “Fat Lady” hasn’t sung yet, Jody is confident that he will win the points championship for this season. We’ll wait and see on that part.

The night wasn’t without its moments though as first thing right off the starter on the truck decided to go south. Being ever the innovator, Jody just pulled the starter off his uncle’s tow rig, bolted it up to his truck and went racing!

Jody says he was “on the brakes” running 6.77-78 most of the night. He had some decent reaction times, .013s, .014 and an occasional .034 that helped toward the win.

So congratulations go out again to Jody Smith, our points leader and race winner there at US 60 Raceway!

**Weekly Winner** September 8

Seems as though we have some really talented drivers here as Brad Irving (sbc23t) won another Footbrake race last Friday night, September 8th at Redline Raceway located near Caddo Mills, Texas. Brad says this weeks win was “nothing special, just racin” but also noted that he drew three of the local tracks “heavy hitters” on his way to the win. Brad says that having to run those guys “really sucked” but he was up for the challenge.

Here is the summary of eliminations Brad sent in:

R1: .552, dialed 5.59 ran 5.61 pedaling – would’ve been dead on
R2: .549,dialed 5.59 ran 5.591
R3: (first heavy hitter on the night) .526, 5.58 ran 5.59 he was .529, 6.526 on a 6.53 dial
R4: .547 dialed 5.58 ran 5.574 WOW – good thing he was .478 red
R5: (second heavy hitter-never beat him) .530, 5.572 on a 5.57 he was .512, 6.566 on a 6.57
R6: (heaviest hitter-R5’s brother!-never beat him either) I was .558 ran 5.578 on a 5.57. He was .545 ran 6.03 on a 6.01 (I think he dumped thinking I was coming around too fast. He always runs the number.) Margin of victory was .0033

Brad says that this week he got greedy and didn’t split the purse in the final. He also says, “I figure Mel would be proud, I ran almost all of them out the backdoor”.

So here’s congratulations to Brad Irving again for his consecutive wins!

**Weekly Winner** September 1

We have another winner folks! Brad Irving (sbc23t) won the Footbrake race last Friday night, September 1st at Redline Raceway located near Caddo Mills, Texas. Brad waded thru a 50 car field on his way to the win in the final round. Brad’s reaction times were from .539 to a 5.09 in the final. Brad’s first 4 rounds were run on a 5.55 dial and he noted that “I didn’t get to make many full passes”. (He noted that Mel would love that!) Anyway, Brad was on a 5.56 for the rest of the night. He got lucky too as he drew the bye run in the 6th round, which put him in the final.

The two drivers in the final (Brad and one of his good friends) split the 1st and 2nd place prize money and Brad says that the $800 will come in handy. He says that neither driver ran out the back door in the final as he lifted and the other driver dumped it with Brad taking the win with a 5.09 light to his friends 5.16 light. Brad says it was a good thing he lifted because he was sure he would have broken out on that pass running a 5.576 on a .56 while loosing 6 MPH when he lifted. I guess when it’s your turn you can do no wrong!

Congratulations go out to (sbc23t) Brad Irving. Another winner here at Motorsports Village!

**Weekly Winner** August 18

On Friday night (August 18, 2006) at Susquehanna Speedway Park, Newberrytown, PA, Steven Dove, running in Street Stock won the pole and picked up the win by leading every lap for his first win in the division. His victory however was no where near as easy at it might sound. Steve’s lead was never more than two or three car lengths at any time. Steve was in a side by side battle and actually got passed a few times, but was able to hold the lead when they crossed the start/finish line. Steve says “it was a very fun race and had to be great for the fans because you had no idea who was going to win.” Steve’s challenger was on the inside and Steve was running the outside Steve says his car was a little tight getting in corners but his car was stronger off the corner and down the straightaway and he crossed the start/finish line in front on every lap. Steve says that he never knew there were so many Ford fans there and they had an awesome party afterwards!

**Weekly Winner** August 5

Hey, this is beginning to sound like a broken record but Jody Smith (us7race) has won again folks! Jody, running at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY won their Truck Race again along with winning the regular Points Race. Jody says that after his oil pump pickup problems last week his points lead had been cut to just 5 but the win yesterday will pad that again. And as an honorable mention, Jody was runner up this week in the heads up class also.

Congratulations again Jody for a job well done!

**Weekly Winner** August 5

Our second winner this week is Mark Melford (oobob). Mark’s beautiful 2002 Race Craft Dragster was featured as Car Of The Month last month on our home page. Mark is a regular racer at Greer Drag Strip at Greer, SC and won the 0-5.99 bracket Saturday Night. And as an honorable mention, Mark was also runner up in the regular electronics class race. The format at Greer is that the 0-5.99 cars run together then the winner of that bracket moves into the regular race for a shot at that one also. The runner-up finish was due to a .004 breakout after he had gotten .028 lead on the starting line. Mark’s excuse? “It was dark down there”.

Great job Mark! Another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 15

Well, Jody Smith is at it again folks! He won another of the local drag truck races last Saturday along with winning the heads up class race. And as if that wasn’t enough, he then went on into the points race and won that one too. Is there any stopping this guy?

In the heads up race Jody had one run of 6.09 @ 110 MPH. Short time on that pass was 1.30 carrying the front end a good ways out from the starting line. The final in the heads up race was against a 500 CID Dakota Truck and Jody ran a winning 6.17 @ 109 to a loosing 6.22 @ 109. Jody says he was “brake” racing most of the night, which says he knows how to drive the finish line.

The points race win puts Jody some 35 to 40 points in the lead.

Well done Jody, one of our winners here on MotorsportsVillage!

**Weekly Winner** June 25

Well ladies and gents, we have yet another repeat winner! Rick Ferbert (Rick360) won another one Sunday at Kansas City International Raceway taking home $1200 for the win!

This time Rick was throttle stop racing so as to stay above the 10.0 limit for his chassis. Rick out ran a total of 4 dragsters and one door car on his way to the win along with receiving one bye run in the quarter finals. In the final, Rick had a .009 light and lifted running a 10.26 on a 10.23 while the last one of the 4 dragsters ran a 7.438 on a 7.40. The dragster driver had an .018 light so Rick nailed him on the tree. Margin of victory was .0053. That’s cutting it kinda close so I’d say there had to be some luck there.

So, this means that Rick and his Camaro are undefeated this season. Two races, two race wins and not even a buy back in the process!

Next weekend he’s off to Heartland Park Topeka for the $5000 races. It’s time to go run some BIG $$$$ races while he’s still hot!

Good job Rick, and good luck next weekend! “Git-r-Dun”

**Weekly Winner**

Well folks we have another winner. Trevor Elvery (Clinker) of Wodonga, Australia won the Holden vs Ford yearly Shoot Out (1/8 mile) at Narrandera Airport Raceway on April 16.

Trev says, “Went there just to have a run thinking it was a small country airport and no cars would be there. Big mistake, cars towed from everywhere and some really good rigs, everyone seemed to have monster cubed small blocks with 2 big carbs.”

Trev’s two practice runs were 6.80 and 6.70 on motor. Trev didn’t use his N2O because he was afraid the track wouldn’t hold it so with the N2O converter in the car and not using the bottle it was a little slow. Most of the cars in his class were running 6.40s and 6.50s so Trev made a decision to go with the smallest N2O shot he had.

First round it ran 6.38 @ 110MPH

Second round he drew a Bye run as the other car was disqualified for not having a roll cage. That pass was 6.36 @ 112MPH.

Final round 6.38 @ 112MPH

For his efforts Trev won $500, a large trophy and some well deserved respect from his fellow racers!

Congratulations go out to Trevor Elvery, another WINNER here at!

**Weekly Winner** May 27

Well, here we go again! It’s Jody Smith (us7race) again folks! This is starting to sound like a broken record but hey, we’re happy for him.

Saturday night, May 27th Jody won the “Heads Up” race and the “Truck Class” race at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY. He also went to the final in the regular points race but lost with a .002 red running dead on at 6.64. As with last weeks race the night wasn’t without it’s trying moments though. The starter button on Jody’s truck decided it wasn’t going to work any more so Jody spent the rest of the night starting the engine from the starter solenoid. During this process he also found that the truck was faster without the hood on so there is some air management work to be done in that department.

Our hat is off to Jody for the additional victories this past weekend. Keep up the good work Jody! Another WINNER here at!

**Weekly Winner** May 20

Well folks, here we are again with Jody Smith (us7race) on our Weekly Winners page twice in the past three weeks! Jody won another points race Saturday, May 20, 2006 at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY.

Jody’s truck wasn’t as consistent this week as it was during the prior win as track prep wasn’t as good. Knowing the track wouldn’t be as good he also didn’t run the “Juice” this week and the times on the truck were from a 6.70 on the brakes to a 6.82 flat out spinning the tires leaving. Short times were in the 1.6 range so traction wasn’t good at all.

In the final Jody dialed a 6.80 and ran a 6.808 to a loosing 6.58 on a 6.54 dial against the SAME car he beat in the Pro Tree race 2 weeks ago. Jody says that the other guy was a bit angry. I guess so after being a two time looser to Jody.

All wasn’t peaches and cream though. As Jody faced off against a 7.90 car in an early round the other driver red lighted. When Jody passed him on the other end his drivers side Glass shattered as the other car’s drive shaft broke on top end sending a piece of debris into the drivers side door glass on Jody’s truck. Jody wasn’t injured and finished the race without a door glass.

To coin a phrase from Mel, Jody stole this one but hey, at the end of the day all that counts is who’s name is on the check! Richard Petty said once that he would rather be lucky than good any day. I’d say that Jody has a good bit of both!

Congratulations Jody!

**Weekly Winner** May 13

OK guys and gals, we have our second winner in as many weeks.
Rick Ferbert (Rick360) won one Saturday night May 13, 2006. It was his first race of this season! Rick says the race started off good with a .500 light on his first pass. During eliminations he didn't have to buy-back and went to the final winning $1000 against a dragster running on a throttle stop. He was dialed on 6.16 most of the night. Notice his winning time is the same as Jody's time, who won last week. What are the odds of the first two winners winning with the same time? Speed was around 111MPH.

Here are Rick’s times for that race:
6.309 (lifted a bunch)
6.172 (loose around mid-track)
[email protected] on a 6.16 dial against the throttle-stopping dragster running
[email protected] in the final round.
Notice that the MPH on the dragster is usually seen with ETs down in the low 5s. That must have been a very good race.

Congratulations Rick, another Winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 6

Here we go guys. Our first “Weekly Winner” is Jody Smith. Jody, aka (us7race) won the King of the Hill Race and also the Points Money Race at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY on Saturday May 6, 2006.

In the King of the Hill race he won the final round on a holeshot and beat the faster car to the finish line running [email protected] to the loosing [email protected] Just gotta love those holeshot wins!

Way to go Jody! That’s how you “git-r-dun”!