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Weekly Race Winners - 2007

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** October 21

Bob Jansen (scoop) won the Super Pro race Sunday 10/21/07 at Mason-Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, MD. Bob says that “I finally won a race at a quarter mile track”! For those of you who don’t know, Bob has a new SBC in his dragster this year and that puppy is hauling butt!

Bob says the dragster ran 7.88-.89 @ 169.3 in the first 4 rounds and 7.92 and 7.94 in the last two. Bob got lucky as he had guys red light on him in rounds 1, 3, 5 and the final and he got a bye run in the 4th so he only had to race in the 2nd round. In that second round Bob went .014 on the tree against an .048 for the win. I guess when it’s your day, it’s your day!

Congratulations to scoop, another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** October 13

Weigl Racing won the cars only race Saturday, October 13 @ US 60 Dragway in Aardinsburg, Ky.

The Gremlins got into the timing system and as a result there were no time slips so Steve didn’t send any of the round win times. Jake was on a roll and Steve said that no time slips probably helped him just concentrate on driving. Steve dialed the car 7.40 and Jake ran a 7.40, then another 7.40 pedaling and another 7.40 pedaling and won the final round on a double breakout by only .001! All this only took about 30 minutes so it was kinda a whirl wind deal. Steve says that Jake told him that the win was for his birthday so let’s all wish Steve a belated happy birthday also.

Congrats to Weigl Racing…..again! Another repeat winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** October 13

Barry Hohnarth (Beretta) won the money at Island Dragway in New Jersey Saturday, October 13, 2007. If I’m not mistaken, I think this is only like the 3rd time out for this new car!

Barry says that his two time runs were a picture of things to come as he ran 8.722 in the first then 8.716 on the second with 1.226 short times on both.

First round at around 1pm Barry dialed an 8.73, had an .014 light and ran an 8.733 for the win. Second round he dialed an 8.72, had a .004 light and ran an 8.732 for the win. Then as luck would have it he got a bye run because of the .004 light in the previous round.

Then 4th round Barry dialed an 8.71, had an .019 light and ran an 8.728 for the win. In the final Barry really got on the tree with a .001 and ran an 8.732 on an 8.72 and took the money to the house.

Great day Barry!! Looks like that Beretta is hauling the mail! We know it has been a long time coming. May there be many more!

Congratulations to Barry Hohnarth, another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** September 8

We have another repeat winner folks!

Beth & Kenny McDaniel (aka Drag-on-Lady) won the Super Pro race Saturday night at US36 Raceway in Osgorn, Mo. Kenny said, “We knew we had to get our act together because it was the last race of the season.” So first round went well Kenny dialed a 5.53 and Beth ran a 5.54 with a 5.01 rt. It’s hard to beat a package like that so they knew that they were on the right path. Third round Kenny dialed a 5.52 and Beth ran a 5.537 and a 506 rt .

So when it came down to the semi-final there were three cars left. Beth got lucky and got the by run and it was her worst light of the night @5.27. So in the final round Kenny dialed a 5.53 and the opponent dialed a 6.62. Beth had a 5.02 light and the opponent went 4.99 red and broke out running a 6.61.2 as Beth ran a 5.54 on a .53. The looser told Kenny later that he had taken 5 out of the box because he knew Beth was on the tree.

Kenny says “I just wanted to say a big thank you to my wife BETH MCDANIEL AKA( DRAG-ON-LADY) for making me the proud husband of the best damn driver any owner could ask for.”

1 - dial 5.53 ran a 554.2 rt 501
2 - dial 5.52 ran a 553.7 rt 506
3 - dial 5.52 ran a 554.3 rt 503
4 - dial 5.53 ran a 553.8 rt 508
5 - dial 5.52 ran a 5.546 rt 527
final round - dial 5.53 ran a 554.6 rt 502.....

**Weekly Winner** August 25

Weigl Racing won the Points/Money race Saturday night at US 60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, Ky. Jacob finally broke out of his 1 round and out slump! Reaction time had been a problem recently but improved with more rounds run.

In the first round Jacob pedaled his way to a win running a 7.544 on a 7.52 dial .097 RT to a .189. Second round Jacob again pedaled with a .067 RT to a .107. In a double break out third round Jacob got the tree with a .088 to a .116 and ran a 7.503 on a 7.52 to a 6.627 on a 6.66. In the final round a good reaction time, .023 to a .169, lead to another race win running a 7.539 on a 7.52. As always the money was split.

Steve’s job was easy because the car only needed one dial in number all night so he focused on the burnouts, coin flips and videotaping the runs.

Jake is still in second place in points 35 out of first, and 50 from third.

Congratulations go out to Weigl Racing, winners again here on!

**Weekly Winner** August 17

We had another winner this past week folks but this one is VERY unusual and proves that when it’ your day, it’s your day and you can do no wrong. For the sake of keeping these winner articles short and sweet I’m not going to post the entire race summary here but be sure to check it out in the General Topics section of the forums.

Chuck Woloch (gearhead1011) won Friday night 8/17/07 at US60 Dragway in Hardinsburg, Ky. Chuck’s night started out good as he won the first round on a breakout after an unusually slow .041 RT. The car ran a 5.552 on a 5.54. The looser bought back and as luck would have it they got paired for second round where Chuck proceeded to put an .012 down at the tree then ran 5.558 on a 5.53 for the win to a loosing .036 and a 5.901 on a 5.89. It went down hill from there! Chuck won third round running a .533 on a .53 and went to fourth round where it got interesting. Chuck had an .011 light and was on a good pass until he went for third gear and it wasn’t there. Luckily for him his opponent red lighted and Chuck was the winner. So now he has no 3rd gear. Next round he drew the bye run and then for the final he staged the car and his opponent red lighted not knowing that Chuck’s transmission was toast. Amazing isn’t it?

So congratulations go out to Chuck Woloch, another lucky winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** August 18

Well it’s Jody Smith (us7race) again folks. Saturday night 8/18/07 at US60 Dragway in Hardinsburg, Ky. Jody went the 5 rounds to win the “Heads Up” race. Jody says that 3 of the 5 rounds were given to him as those folks either broke or red lighted away a chance to win. Initial ETs were in the 6.50s @ 104MPH and continued to drop throughout the night. The final ET for the night was a 6.383 @ 106.4.

On his first pass, the engine got hot and he had to add about a half gallon of water. Later in the evening he again had to add water and the oil was milky so there is a leak somewhere that will have to be fixed this week.

Congrats to Jody Smith, one of our regular winners here on

**Weekly Winner** July 28

Saturday night at US36 Raceway in Osborn, MO., Beth (DRAG-ON-LADY) and Kenny McDaniel went to the final against their daughter, Angie, and Beth emerged as the winner.

Kenny says that first round was a good one for all involved, even his grandson, Jason as Beth was 5.59 on a .57 w/.512 light, Angie was 7.14 on a .12 w/.509 light and Jason was 11.67 on a .64 w/5.35 on the tree in his first race. That was a sign of good things to come.

Anyway, the racing family all went to the finals with Angie loosing to Beth running a 7.069 on an .07 w/5.11 light on the tree breaking out against Beth who ran a 5.57 on a .56 w/.512 light.

Then grandson Jason runs an 11.57 on a .56 w/.503 light in the final for the win in his first ever race.

Kenny says that this was a race made in heaven. Not only did the wife win but his daughter was runner-up, and, his grandson takes home his first win in his first race!

It don't get any better than that! Kenny says “It was a night that brought tears to the eyes of a 52 year old man!”

Congratulations to Kenny, Beth and Jason for their wins! More winners here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 21&22

Brian Lunderby, aka, OBSESSED on the forum had a good weekend last weekend. Saturday, pulling with the Red River Valley Pullers, Brian stepped up to the 6200 FWD class with bar tires at Perham, MN and won!

Then on Sunday at Bemidji, MN he again ran the 6200 FWD class and won again! That’s pretty good considering that he normally doesn’t run that class. So it was two days of pulling and two wins for OBSESSED!

Congratulations go out to Brian and OBSESSED. Winners again here on

**Weekly Winner** July 21

Jody Smith (us7race), running at US 60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, KY won their heads up race Saturday night. Jody, running between 6.46 and 6.53 all night made it to the final then ran a 6.47 for the win.

It’s good to see Jody back in winning form after all the problems earlier this year.

Congratulations to Jody Smith, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 14

OK folks, we’ve had a dry spell in our Weekly Winners section. Brian Lunderby, aka, OBSESSED on the MSV forum, has amassed quite an impressive start for this year and has been holding out on us. Brian notched his FIRST ever NTPA win last night (7/14/07) in 9 years of trying at a state wide event held in St Charles, MN. Brian says that so far this year he has had 6 wins, 2 second place and 1 third place finishes. He says that he couldn’t have done it without the RFD Big Duke heads and intake Curtis Boggs did for him a few months back.

Congratulations to OBSESSED, aka Brian Lunderby, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 26

Weigl Racing’s Jacob Weigl (WR169) won the points/money race Saturday night at US 60 Raceway. Steve’s job (Jacob’s dad and pit crew) was easy cause the car only needed one dial in number all night. In the first round Jacob pedaled his way to a breakout win running a 7.574 on a 7.53 dial. Second round was Jacob against Jody (got his truck done) Smith (us7race). Jacob got Jody on the tree with a .074 to a .092 and pedaled to a 7.570 on a 7.53. Jacob won the third round on a good reaction time and a 7.541 on a 7.53. In the final round an .031 allowed him to pedal again running a 7.564 on a 7.53. As always the money was split.

With this weeks win Jacob moves into the points lead. Looks like these guys have taken up where Jody left off last year.

Congratulations to Weigl Racing, a winner here on

**Weekly Winner** May 19

Well its Stroker Camaro again folks! Yup, Greg Hunt and wife Susan took the money again from the Saturday night footbrake race at Great River Road Raceway in Dyersburg, TN. No buy backs this week as Greg just waded thru the field running numbers that Susan dialed in. Greg says that the car ran really well all night and in the final he and the other driver split the purse. Greg was .517 on the tree to the opponents .501 but he ran closer on his 6.85 dial than the other guy winning by .002057 at the stripe. Needless to say Greg says “had a large time” which is an understatement when you win.

Congrats to Stroker Camaro again this week. Our first repeat winner this year here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 12

Jacob Weigl (WR169) won his first race of the season in the “cars only race” Saturday night at US 60 raceway in Hardinsburg KY.

Jacob won the first round by a red light then he won the second round on a double break out that resulted from Jacob's .038 light to a .102 and running .011 under to a .056. Third round was won on another break out. The final round was also won with a break out.

Good job Jacob, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 5

Greg Hunt (StrokerCamaro on the board) won the race at Great River Road Raceway in Dyersburg, TN Saturday night.

The hot humid air didn’t dampen Greg’s spirits as he waded thru the field for the win after a first round buy back due to a .498 “red light”! Second round Greg dialed a 7.01 and ran an .013 for the win. Third round he dialed a 7.00 and ran an .005 for the win. Fourth round he dialed a 6.99, slayed the tree with a .507 light and dumped on the other end running 7.02 for the win. Fifth round saw another 6.99 dial along with a .517 light and he ran out at 6.984 against the local “bully”, who red lighted and gave him the free pass.

In the final Greg dialed a 6.98 against a 7.35 in the other lane. His opponent was one of “the good guys” so they agreed to split the purse. When the tree came down the other guy red lighted and Greg ran it out the back door running a 6.96 for the automatic win. Greg credits his wife for dialing the car all night.

Good job Greg, and Mrs Greg. Another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** April 29

Well, it’s racing season again and this year our first Weekly Winner is Mark Rapp (Mark70Nova). Mark races in the Mean Street and Open Comp classes and won a points championship last season.

Last weekend Mark traveled to Las Vegas, NV, along with fellow member Jerry (intocars) to race in the Deeds Performance Las Vegas Nationals. Mark entered two eliminator classes and won the Mean Street class after loosing to Mike Nosset in the Open Comp class because the car didn’t hook up.

In Mean Street Mark says that “We had a very lucky 3rd round in Mean Street where we won by only .0001, yes 3 zero's & a 1, I'm not sure how much distance that is at 125mph, but it was close!” Mark drew a bye run in 4th round, made an adjustment to pick his car up a little and met up with good friend and fellow racer Freddy Sweeting in the final. Mark says that it would've been a great race but unfortunately Freedy red lighted and gave it to him running 10.597 to Mark’s 10.613 for the win.

Congratulations to Mark, another winner here on