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Weekly Race Winners - 2008

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** November 2

Mason-Dixon Dragway, Hagerstown, Md. Bob Jansen, aka Scoop on the board, went thru 5 rounds of competition to win the Super Pro bracket race at Mason-Dixon Sunday. Bob says that this was his first time out since Mothers Day when he hurt his other engine and now he’s back with a new 427SBC in his dragster. Running in the quarter mile, Bob’s digger went a string of 7.61 to 7.64s @ 173 and change all day beginning with the first time run. Bob says that there were NO buybacks and no bye runs so he had to work for all those rounds. In the final Bob slayed the tree with a .003 and then watched his opponent run out by .02 for the win. The finalists agreed to a final round split with a $50 side bet just to make it interesting.

Congratulations go out to Bob Jansen (scoop), another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** October 23

Well it’s Jamie Radford again folks. Jamie, aka Radracing on MSV, won the Gamblers race Thursday at the Division 1 IHRA finals at Farmington Dragway. Jamie said that he went 6 rounds for the win beating his opponent in the final, (who BTW ran dead on with a zero), by .008. Jamie says that he had .02 on the tree on that guy, which won the race! That makes 3 finals in the last 3 races with 2 wins so Jamie is hot right now. Jamie says that his $1250 share of the split was nice also! Oh, and he also went to the quarter finals in the main event on Sunday. Not a bad weekend for sure!

Congratulations go out…….again……To Radracing (Jamie Radford), another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** October 19

Another winner from Sunday 10/19/08 folks! Greg Steen, aka smoozer on MSV won a footbrake race at Pacific Raceway in Kent, Wa. Greg says that he just started back racing 2 years ago after being out of the sport for 25 years. Sunday’s race was 6 rounds and Greg says that he was a little bit erratic on the tree but they were all green and his worst light was rewarded with the win when the other guy took the stripe by .125 and ran out. In the final he ran an 11.118 on an 11.11 dial in.

After that race they had a race for the electronics and footbrake winners for a Wally the track had and in that round Greg had an .018 light running an 11.138 on the brakes. Greg said he did a run completion on that pass and it said he would have run an 11.115, which is pretty darn consistent!

Congratulations go out to Greg (smoozer) Steen, another of our winners here on

**Weekly Winner** October 4

Greg (Stroker Camaro here on MSV) and Susan Hunt are our latest winners! After blowing up his ‘good’ engine back a few weeks or so ago, Greg put a pump gas street engine in the car just to play with in footbrake.

Greg says that “It is pretty drastic going from 5.90s to 7.0s” but he won the very first race they entered. Greg went 6 rounds to get the job done and won when the other guy red lighted away his chance for the win. This race was at Great River Road Raceway and as usual Greg’s wife, Susan, dialed the car to perfection.

Congratulations go out to Greg and Susan Hunt. Winners again here on!

**Weekly Winner** October 4

Well, we have a winner folks! Jamie Radford, aka Radracing waded thru the footbrake field at Motormile Dragway last Saturday to get his first win this year. This win came after a couple of seim-final runs at Bristol Dragway and Motormile Dragway a short while back.

Jamie says that his 383 SBC powered 78 Nova was dead on in 3 of the 7 round wins. He got lucky and drew the bye run in the semi then went on to win in the final running 6.97 on a 96 while his opponent broke out by .008. His reaction times in the last 3 rounds were .035, .028 and .040 in the final. This was his first win in 4 years so it was long over due.

Congratulations go out to Radracing, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 19

We Have Another Winner Folks! 9 year old Jaston Greenhaw won the junior dragster race at US36 Raceway in Osborn, Mo. Saturday night. Jaston is Krazy55ken’s grandson and he drives a 2003 Spitzer Junior Dragster that belongs to Ken.

Ken said that there weren’t but two juniors there Saturday night so to make it interesting they decided to make it a best 2 out of 3 round wins event for them. This was a trophy only race so it was just for fun to begin with.

Jaston (with grandpaw’s help) ran an 11.63 on an 11.60 with a .538 light and won the first round. In the second round they left the dialin at 11.60 and ran an 11.62 with a .527 light for the win. It was a short night but a win is a win no matter how you look at it!

Ken says that Jaston takes after his grandmother and not after him. Says she is the driver in his family and that the grandson is following along in her footsteps!

Congratulations to Jaston Greenhaw on his first win of the 2008 season! And a special thanks to Ken for providing him with a car to win with.

Another winning combination here on

**Weekly Winner** July 13

WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS!! On 7/13/08, 19 year old Ryan Steen, son of Greg Steen (smoozer) on the board, won the Sportsman race at Pacific Raceway-Kent, WA.

Ryan, driving a 79 Malibu that is owned by his dad but powered by his own engine got lucky in the first two rounds on double red lights but since he was the faster car he won both those rounds. The red lights were in the double 00s. He then waded thru the rest of the field running 12.795 on a 12.79 dial with an .024 light in the final for the win. The win came after a runner up finish the day before so with the win and the runner up that moved him into 2nd place in the Sportsman points.

Let’s all congratulate Ryan on his FIRST money win, and hope that he has many, many more!

Greg and Ryan Steen, another winning combo here on!