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Weekly Race Winners - 2009

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** November 8, 2009

Well, it's Steve Weigl, aka WR169 on MSV, again guys and gals. Steve, driving his daily driver Cavalier again won the Trophy street race at US60 Dragway at Hardisburg, Ky Sunday. Steve says that there was a low car count again but he prevailed against the competition. First round he dialed the Cavalier on a 11.80 and had to run a 1948 Willys Jeep pickup dialed on a 9.52. Steve's Cavalier ran an .80 with a 7 on an .80 while the Jeep broke out running a 9.33 on that .52 dial. Second round, which was the final, Steve left the .80 on the window and won against a 90s model S15 GMC pickup. Steve ran an 11.82 on that .80 while his competition broke out running a 12.13 on a 12.30 dial.

Good job Steve and yes, a win is a win!

WR169, another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** November 1, 2009

It's Jody Smith too folks! Seems Jody and Steve ran at the same track this weekend. Jody, aka us7race, won the Truck Race at Hardinsburg, Ky Sunday. Jody says that he started first round on a 6.26 in the gamblers race and ran a 6.24 so first round he dialed a .23. He ran a .25 with a .004 tree to the other guys red light. 2nd round he treed the guy and pedeled it running a 6.30. Next two round his opponents went red and that luck put him in the final where he ran a 6.243 on a .24 and had a .0051 light to a loosing 6.733 on a .73 with a .0055 light. Margin if victory was .0013. Jody says "luck was on my side a little" to which I say that it wasn't a little, it was whole lot of luck to have 3 people red light against you in 5 rounds of racing! But as Steve said, "a win is a win" and that's all that counts.

Congratulations to Jody Smith on his latest win.

**Weekly Winner** November 1, 2009

Well, it's Steve Weigl folks, aka, WR169 on the board. Steve, driving his "highly modified" ;-) POS 4 cylinder Cavalier won the Trophy Street race at US60 Raceway at Hardinsburg, Ky Sunday. Although there were only 4 cars in the Trophy Street Division, Steve was the "Last Man Standing" when it was all said and done. Steve didn't give me much info on reaction times or how close the Cavalier was to the dial but he did tell me that the other dialins were 8.07 and 6.50, which is pretty quick for a Trophy class? Anyway they both turned on the read light so Steve says, "I guess it was my day." Steve says that he knows that it might not be that exciting to some, "but a win is a win!"

Good job and congratulations Steve. I guess next we'll see you in the "Power Wagon" with Jake running the Cavalier! ;-)

**Weekly Winner** September 6, 2009

Brad Irving, aka, sbc23t on MSV won both the regular Footbrake race and also the NO "E" Quick classes at the Labor Day Bracket Bash held at Paris Dragstrip in Paris, Texas.

The regular footbrake race was 7 rounds while the NO "E" Quick race was only 4. Can you say "hot lapping" boys and girls? That's 11 rounds of racing!

Brad says "I never intended to race that day. Wife went shopping so I said what the heck, hadn't been down there to that track in 2 years." Brad had already gone 3 rounds in footbrake before the first round of NO "E" so he had a good idea of what both he and the car were doing. He started out dialed on a 5.69 and in later rounds dropped that dialin to 5.66 running 5.663 on a .66 in the footbrake final and in the NO "E" final his car had developed a water leak during the burnout so he said "decided to just stage and see. Yep, he went red! Rather be lucky than good." Reactions times thru the night were from .514 to .575 and the car was pretty much deadly all night. There was a boo boo in second round but he was able to buy back that round. Looks like he was lucly all around.

And, Brad told me that he had won a race on August 7, 2009 at Redline Raceway in Caddo Mills, TX where he normally races, So it kinda looks like a double win post for Brad.

Congratulations go out to Brad Irving, another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** September 20, 2009

It's Sam Freeman folks! FYI, Sam is one our moderators here on Sam says "Never thought I'd send one of these in, but there you go".

Sam, driving his friend Vic's blown SBC FED in an Outlaw Class at Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend (supercharged cars only), ended up winning the meet! They only had one shot at qualifying then dialed the car for the remainder of the weekend. They do things a little different there in the UK as the number of runs depends on the track and promoter. X number of run times are averaged and whomever has the closest average to their after qualifing dialin wins. They ran a 7.848 @183.14 qualification run, which was the fastest speed of anyone all weekend. After that time run they dialed the car on a 7.85 for the event. They also won the top speed of the meet trophy and cash as well.

They ran 7.783 @168.51 in 1st round. Then Sam backed it down a bit and ran 8.0143 @ 164.30 2nd round. In third round Sam picked it up a litle running 7.768 @ 168.79 for an average of 7.8551 and the win.

Congratualtions go out to Sam Freeman, another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** September 12, 2009

We have another winner folks! Dave Lanning, aka, "Hammertime" on MSV won the Super Pro Bracket race at US131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI on 9/12/09. Dave says that it was a long day as they started at 10am and didn't finish the 8th round until the wee hours Sunday morning. Dave says that the car was on a 7.49 most of the day and that his reaction times didn't vary more than .002 from 3rd round on. He also said that "hey we all get lucky once in awhile" and while we all know that luck is involved, there has to be good equipment and skill there as well.

Congratulations go out to Hammertime! Another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** August 29, 2009

It's oobob again folks! Mark Milford, driving his Vega Top ET car won the 7.00 heads up class last Saturday night at Carolina Dragway again. That same night he won enough rounds in the Top ET bracket class to win the points championship in that catagory also.

Mark didn't send me much info on this, but his last statement was "Have I mentioned that I love my Vega!"

Congratulations to Mark not only for this win, but for a great season and for winning the Top ET Points Championship!

oobob, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 25, 2009

We have another winner folks! Rick Ferbert, aka, Rick360 on MSV won a special "King of the Hill" race at US 36 Raceway Saturday night. People who raced in Pro or Super Pro could enter into the King Of The Hill race after normal eliminations. The following rules applied for this race. Dial in bracket racing with No throttle stops, .400 Pro tree, no deep staging, no buybacks and cars were laddered by closest ET. Rick had 5 rounds all dialed on 6.20. Rick said that "Handicap racing on a .400 Pro tree is a bitch!" In the final his opponent was dialed 7.25 for 1.05 sec handicap but Rick won on a .425 light running 6.25 @ 99.55 MPH on the brakes. Race data is as follows:

.460 6.197 108.69 (double-breakout)
.409 6.246 98.9 (brakes)
.423 6.218 104.16 (lifted)
.442 6.248 99.55 (brakes)
.424 6.251 99.55 (brakes)

Congratulations to Rick360, another winner and a Moderator here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 18, 2009

We have a two time winner folks. Mark Milford, aka oobob (driving his Vega) won the Hot Rod class (10.90 index) at the IHRA ProAM Division Race at Carolina Dragway on July 18, 2009. Mark says that it was 6 rounds of racing with several former World and Divisional champions competing in the class. Mark's reaction times (heads up Pro tree) were pretty good with most in the teens and he says that the Vega was excellent as well. Mark also says that this final was special as he took out the points leader!

Way to go oobob! Another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 11, 2009

Jeff Wiebe, aka jmech on MSV won the Iron Man on Saturday July 11/09 at Gimli Dragway, Gimli, Manitoba Canada. Jeff says that he had just installed a throttle stop to run 10.90 and he was a bit concerned about consistency. "We had one time trial before the final and it ran 10.9002 with a .504 light."

Jeff didn't give me much info on early rounds but he said that in the final he had to race the previous track champion and current points leader. That didn't seem to matter to Jeff though as he ran a 10.893 on a 10.89 dial with a .507 light.

Congratulations go out to Jef Wiebe, Motorsportsvillages first ever winner from our members that live in "The Great White North"!

**Weekly Winner** July 11, 2009

We have another winner folks! Weigl Racing (WR169) on our MSV forum, with Steve's son Jacob doing the driving, won the 6.95 heads up pro tree race at US 60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, Ky Saturday night 7/11/09. This was a "street tire shoot out" and the first race for that track after a year and a half of being closed. Steve says that the car ran a steady 6.95 all night with 1.48, 1.49 60's and running 12 rounds in less than 3 hours. That's an average of one round every 15 minutes in case you didn't know, and a pretty hectic pace! And after all that Jacob also made it to the semi's of the Point's/money race.

All in all though I'd say it was a good night with LOTS of racing!

Congratulations go out to Weigl Racing, another winning team here on!

**Weekly Winner** June 27 2009

We have another winner folks. It's Mark Milford (aka oobob) who went 8 rounds to win at Carolina Dragway last Saturday night in his Vega! Mark says that the Vega was deadly that night running on a 6.38 dial most of the night and running between 6.378 to 6.402 on the brakes a little. Mark had three .00x lights and his worst was .023. If the semi he drew the bye and in the final he ran against a car that he has been working on for a friend, which made this final even better. On the money run they both dialed 7.00 because they were planning to run in the 7.00 heads up class after the final so they agreed to make the final a time run for that heads up race. The tower people forgot to set the tree for pro start and both red lighted as a result with Mark going red last (means he was slower!) but his Vega was dead on and the other guy ran a 7.02. Mark says that this was "coolest final I've been in" and we wish him many more.

Congratulations Mark Milford, Another winner here on

**Weekly Winner** June 13, 2009

We have another winner folks. Randy Moore (KyMustang), of Benton, Kentucky, came out of the number 7 qualifying spot and and took the win at The Dixie Doorslammers Race at Northwest Tennessee Motorsports Park on June 13th. The lone Ford took on 8 Chevys and came out on top.

In the first round he took the win light when his opponent went red by -.055. Second round the guy he ran against got out of shape and had to lift. The final round was decided at the tree as his opponent went -.005 red handing Randy the win. Randy says he got lucky but on June 6th he went to the semi at the Big Block Ford Bash at Windy Hollow Raceway in Owensboro, KY. Sounds to me like his consistency is paying off!

Contratulations go out to Randy Moore, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** May 10, 2009

We have another winner folks! I'll just post what Greg sent me as it was probably as good or better than I could have written it!

"Greg Steen aka smoozer here. Well the kid (Ryan Steen, Greg's son driving Greg's car) is at it again. Last Saturday, the 9th, Ryan went 6 rds to win the final in sportsman at Pacific Raceways in Kent WA. First round he took out the 08 track champion, fourth round found him up against one of the areas heavy hitters who's been racing longer than Ryan's been alive. They had identical dialins and Ryan got him on the tree, crossed the line first with room to spare.

In the final Ryan was up against the 18 year old division six sportsman champ Dallas Glenn. The champ went red fortunately as Ryan's car, after being deadly consistent all night inexplicably picked up a tenth going 12.23 on a 12.33 dial. He felt pretty fortunate to win considering he ran up against three very tough competitors in eliminations.

It was fun seeing two of the areas youngsters go at it in the final."

Congratulations to Ryan and car owner Greg, more winners here on

**Weekly Winner** May 10, 2009

We have another winner folks! Well, actually the winner isn't a member of MSV because he's too young but he drives a car owned by Kenny McDaniel (karzy55ken) who is a member.

Saturday, May 10th, Jason Greenhaw (Kenny's Grandson) won the Junior Dragster race at US 36 RACEWAY in Osborn, Missouri. Kenny says that after having problem with his daughter's 55 Chevy and his wife's dragster, Jason saved the day with a win in the Junior class. Since only two cars entered, it was only one round. On that run Jason dialed an 11.80 and ran an .82 while the other driver dialed a 7.90 and ran a .95. Not only did Jason out run his opponent but he also left on him with a .531 reaction time to a loosing 5.41. Just goes to show that in bracket racing, the faster car doesn't always win.

Congratulations Jason and Kenny!

**Weekly Winner** May 2, 2009

We have a late reporting winner folks! Donee Johnson, aka, Slowpoke on won the 9.50 index race at San Antonio Raceway on May 2, 2009. This track has started a new heads up pro tree index type of racing for a bunch of different brackets. The class Donee ran was door cars only.

Donee wanted me to make sure that you guys understood that luck played a major part of this win as he wasn’t on the tree and the car wasn't on the index, but he won anyway. It was just his day! Donee says "It was definitely my night! I should have bought a lottery ticket!"

Best reaction time was a .109 and best ET was 9.594 so there is some room for improvement for sure. I'm sure that will come around though. I think it was Richard Petty that said "I'd rather be lucky than good any day" and that sure does apply here!

Congratulations go out to "lucky" Slowpoke, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** April 11, 2009

We have our first winner of this season! Jody Smith (us7race) won the Bracket 2 class, which is Super Pro without a delay box, winning the $500 purse in the process. Jody races at Chandler Motorsports Park in Chandler, IN.

Jody says that after time runs of 6.22 then 6.18 with tire spin he dialed a .17 in first round. The truck left wheels up and tripped the short timers with the rears at 1.41 (1.30 in time runs) then he looked over and didn't seen anyone so he lifted running a .35 at only 91MPH on that .17 for the win. Second round still on the .17 it ran .19 @ 108 out the back door after the other guy red lighted with the rear tires tripped the short timers again at 1.41. Third round he lifted and won running a .19 on that .17. Fourth round was a bye running a .17 with a 1. In the semi Jody again lifted but won and ran a .17 with an 8 @ 105MPH, so now he's going to the final. In the final Jody dialed down to a .15 and at the start the other guy red lighted so he ran it out the back door again running his quickest time ever at a [email protected]!

Congratulations to out to us7race! Our first winner of this season!