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Weekly Race Winners - 2011

Forum members who have won a race the previous week will be posted on this page. Please let us know if you are a winner! Email: [email protected] with your winning information!

**Weekly Winner** September 9, 2011

Friday 9/9/11 US60 Raceway in Hardisburg, Ky. IT'S JODY AGAIN FOLKS! Jody is still driving his uncle's truck as his rear gear is still in transet.

Jody says;

"Made 2 time runs ran 6.830 with a .007 light 2nd time run 6.81 with a .031 light In the gamblers I went .-008 red ran a 6.79 so for 1st round I dialed a 6.78 went -.003 red he was .076 I ran a 6.76. I bought back in put a 6.76 on the window we both had a .043 light I ran dead on with an 8 and he was 1 over so I took the win by .007 Next round I leave the 6.76 on it cut a .013 light he went red by -.004 I ran a 6.78 because it spun. Next round the guy I went red against I had to run again but as we went to pull up to get the dial ins done he was broke (throttle cable) so I got a competition single, ran it out was out of the groove and ran a 6.801 with a .012 light so now I have to run the guy 2nd in points I am in 4th (at the start of the night) so I was dialed a 6.77 cut a .042 light to his .106 I pedeled it to a win running a 6.781 he went under. So now it is the finals I asked the other driver if they wanted to split and she said "Lets run for it" so I said ok... (It is $500 and $100) I leave the 6.77 on it she was dialed a 6.57 As I staged my bottom bulb flickered I bumped the transbrake button then the tree was coming down I took a stab at the light in this hectic spit second and cut a .061 light and she went .067 red! I ran another 6.80 spun again. Anyway that took the win has me tied for 1st in points with next week regular points night and the week after double points for the last points race of the year. I am trying my best to win this.. Wish me luck!"

Congrats yet again Jody for yet another win!

US7RACE, aka Jody Smith, one of the many winners here on!

**Weekly Winner** August 12, 2011

Jody Smith again folks. Here is his write up on that race:

"Friday Night at US60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, KY I won the Pro-No-Box class again.

The night started out bad with getting beat 1st round had a .040 light to his .007 bought back in (only 1st round buy backs allowed) went on the rest of the night with averaging .040-.050 lights running 6.27-6.29 Lifting some... got to 3 cars and got the buy into the final...

In the final ran a friend in his slingshot dragster he dialed a 5.75 I dialed the 6.27. I cut a .019 light to his .035 and as we were coming up on the stripe I looked over and seen him coming on like no other and I didn't lift and my win light came on! He ran a 5.71 and I ran a 6.25 we both broke out but it was a good race. This should get me back in the top 3 in points as well I think."

Congratulations again to Jody, aka us7race! A multiple time winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** July 8, 2011

Jody Smith (us7race on MSV) is back in the winners circle again! Once again his win came at US60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, KY. This was yesterday, July 8, 2011 in the Pro/Footbrake (no box) class.

Jody says, "The truck was pretty consistant all night. I dialed it a 6.25 and never changed it. I won by beating them on the tree. I had 1 rough light and it was a .063 to his .067 and we both ran 1 off I was pedaling the finish was .003. Otherwise the lights were .020-.030 all night." In the 6th and final round Jody says that he had to run the guy next to him in the points. He says, "We both cut .008 lights and I passed him at the 1st cone pedaled it a little and took the win running a 6.27 on the 6.25 dial. The margin of victory was .011."

Congratulations go out to us7race, aka, Jody Smith, another multiple time winner here on

**Weekly Winner** June 5, 2011

Well, Jody Smith (us7race on MSV) is finally back in the winners circle again. After a runner up recently then a 3 week layoff Jody took home a win Saturday night at US60 Raceway in Hardinsburg, KY.

Jody says this was a "no box" race and he thought it was going to be a good night with a .004 and a .010 reaction time in time runs. He also had a .007 light in the gamblers race but was .02 off the dialin from tire spin.

First round he lost on a double breakout but bought back. On into eliminations Jody says he had some "close" passes running out the back door and breaking the other driver out. One round was won by .0008 on the brakes. In the final he cut the tree down and won that one pedaling.

Jody says it was a "good night" and we'll have to agree as there's nothing quite like a win! Congrats to Jody Smith, another winner here on!

**Weekly Winner** February 26, 2011


Mark Whitener, aka, jmarkaudio on MSV won a race at the Central Florida Racing Complex last Saturday 2/26/11. Mark says he ran that race at that small newer local IHRA track this past weekend at Central Florida Racing Complex and won. It ended up being 5 rounds, 18 cars with buybacks first round. First round he had the bye run, second round was toughest with a .004 MOV at the finish, third round opponent started in second gear by mistake, fourth round opponent red lighted. In the final round his opponent forgot to clear his crossover, which gave Mark the win.

Mark says that the track owners there are really great, and in addition to the purse, the local Murray's Speed Shop threw in a $50 gift certificate that he didn't see until he got home!!!! Mark also got a trophy, which is something you don't usually see at the small tracks any more.

This was also Mark's first win on his new E85 carburetor!! Mark says that the neat thing was that 3 other cars there were also running E85, including his opponent in the final. Looks like there might be something to this E85 stuff.

So congratulations go out to jmarkaudio (Mark Whitener), our first winner of 2011 and another winner here on!